Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Fact About Our Angel Without Wings,, Teukie!!

Sorry for not updating my blog for a realy loooonnnnnggggggg time.. :) Ihave been really busy since I entered high school.. :( Now I will tell you about Teukie oppa's fact that I gathered from many source!!

Teukie's Profile :
Real Name : Park Jung Soo (박정수)
Stage Name : Lee Teuk (이특)
Chinese Name : I'tŭk (利特) or Pak Chŏng-su (朴正洙)
English Name : Dennis Park
Place and Date of Birth : Seoul, 1 July 1983
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 59 kg
Favourite Colour : White
Nickname : Eomma, Peter Pan (by Hee Chul), Angel Without Wings, etc
Music Genre : Pop, Dance, R&B, Trot
Job : Singer, Dancer, Actor, Radio DJ, MC
Music Instrument : Piano, Guitar
Management : SM Entertainment
Group : Super Junior, Super Junior Happy, Super Junior Trot, SM Town, Teukiegayo (Teukie Academy)

Teukie's Fact :
1. If Lee Teuk kiss his girlfriend, he will hold his girlfriend occiput and then kiss her *omo >,<*
2. Lee Teuk like to collecting underwear because he said, if he take a bath, he will be happy if see his beautiful underwear *mworago?*
3. Lee Teuk ever promised to Dong Hae's father to protect Dong Hae. Because of that, they're really close
4. Lee Teuk's ideal wife => love Super Junior specially Lee Teuk, her weight is 163 cm, has eye smile, can act cute, loyal, can understand about Lee Teuk's job, and if Lee Teuk invite her to come to a big event, she will accept it. Lee Teuk don't like a girl who reject because don't want to meet his fans or journalists. *I have all of this except act cute >,<*
5. Lee Teuk has I-Phone and Samsung Galaxy Handphone, and also Macbook Apple. *I want it >,<*
6. If Lee Teuk is walking around, it means he is searching a place to sleep
7. Lee Teuk really like to sleep. Even before perform, he will sleep at least 5 minutes. *I like to sleep too :)*
8. Lee Teuk want to marry in the age 34 and his wife in the age 21 => Korean age *Wait me 5 years more oppa!! :)*
9. Lee Teuk ever been a cameo in MBC Drama "All About Eve" in year 2000
10. If Lee Teuk propose his girlfriend, he will cook Ramen and said that the best thing he can do is cooking Ramen, but the best thing he ever do is loving his girlfriend *omo!! so sweet!!*
11. If Lee Teuk has a child/children, it's up to his wife to have how many children
12. Lee Teuk ever been given a gold mic by his Chinese fans because Lee Teuk often do MC
13. Lee Teuk also ever been given a pair of white shoes with wings in the top by his fans
14. Lee Teuk's first impression about Sorry Sorry is he don't like it. But, as time passed by, he started to like Sorry Sorry
15. Lee Teuk like Sun Ye (Wonder Girls) since she was in elementary school and he was in the high school *wow*
16. Lee Teuk really look alike with his father when his father was young

17. Lee Teuk being a Radio DJ in Sukira with EunHyuk

18. Lee Teuk have an academy named Teukiegayo to replace Boom Academy after Park Boom (his best friend) entered military. Members of Teukiegayo are Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, and Shin Dong

19. If Lee Teuk has a bandaged injury, he will keep the bandaged for a long time although his injury have been recover and doesn't want to hide it so his fans will be worried.
20. Although he is the oldest in the group, he often be tortured by his members
21. Lee Teuk had been training for 7 years before he debuted
22. During the training, Lee Teuk often bring Dong Hae to school
23. Lee Teuk's roommate is Dong Hae
24. Lee Teuk has an older sister named Park In Young who was born in 1982

25. When Lee Teuk was little, he was really close to his grandmother

26. Lee Teuk really want to meet his grandmother's ghost because he feels guilty to his grandmother. when he was in the elementary school, he spend his time with his friends, not his grandmother, even when his grandmother passed away
27. Lee Teuk ever dated with his girlfriend and met his mother. His mother saw him and hoped that he would introduced his girlfriend to his mother. But, Lee Teuk pretended like he didn't see his mother
28. Lee Teuk really like Ramen and if he makes Ramen, he just can make 1 Ramen
29. Lee Teuk ever sold ice cream in front of Woman's University because he said that if he sell ice cream, he will feel like he is in the heaven and can also saw the women in the university
30. Lee Teuk has eyes and nose plastic surgery
31. Lee Teuk feel that his left side face is more photogenic than the right side. So, if he takes a picture he will show his left side face.

32. For Lee Teuk, age is not problem anymore if 2 peoples love each other
33. If Lee Teuk is sleeping, he will like a sick people because his body will be curled

NB : I will update the Indo Vers soon!! Thanks before!! :)