Thursday, July 14, 2011

"LeeTeuk (Super Junior) Inspire Fans All Over The World" in Asian Plus (Indonesian Magazine)

This morning, I bought a magazine and I shocked when I saw the cover. I wasn't shocked cuz of Jang Geun Seok of course. I shocked cuz for the first time I saw LeeTeuk in Asian Plus without Super Junior. And guess what? There's 1 page full of LeeTeuk although it cut with adv. and a little news about KiBum.

And the title is "LeeTeuk (Super Junior) Inspire Fans All Over The World"!! It's a good thing, isn't it? Why they choose "LeeTeuk (Super Junior) Inspire Fans All Over The World" as the title? You must remember that LeeTeuk's fans ever donate to "World Child Cancer" and "Save The Children", right? Well, it was the reason.
Angels, you've done the right thing to change people around the world's thought that fans not just spend money for our idol, but we also care about people around us! :)

Just for information for Indonesian fans who want to buy the magazine, it's price Rp 6950 for Java and Bali, Rp 8950 for NTT and Papua, and Rp 7950 for the other Island such as Sumatera

cr : Asian Plus Magazine