Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's Learn Korean (Hangeul)

Hi everyone! Finally I can post something new in my blog. ^^
Now I want to share about my new segment "Let's Learn Korean"! Who's excited? *everyone : no one!*
For the first post, I'll tell you about Hangeul (Korean Character). So, let's check it! :)

아 : a
야 : ya
이 : i
우 : oo (u)
유 : yoo (yu)
으 : eu
에 : e
예 : ye
애 : ae
얘 : yae
오 : o
요 : yo
어 : eo
여 : yeo
와 : wa
위 : wi
왜 : wae
웨 : we
워 : wo

ㅂ : b/p
ㅃ : bb/pp
ㅍ : ph'
ㅈ : j/c
ㅉ : jj/cc
ㅊ : ch'
ㄷ : d/t
ㄸ : dd/tt
ㅌ : th'
ㄱ : g/k
ㄲ : gg/kk
ㅋ : kh'
ㅅ : s/sh
ㅆ : ss
ㅁ : m
ㄴ : n
ㅇ : ng
ㄹ : r/l
ㅎ : h

To combine the consonant and vocal characters, just replace the "ㅇ" in the vocal character with the consonant character
Example :
=> ㅎ(h) + 애(ae) = 해(hae)
=> ㅅ(s) + 우(oo) = 수(soo)
=> ㄹ(r) + 여(yeo) = 려(ryeo)

If we have a words which is the vocal mmust writen first before the consonant, just put the consonant under the vocal
Example :
=> 으(eu) + ㄴ(n) = 은(eun)
=> 워(wo) + ㄴ(n) = 원(won)
=> ㅌ(th') + 으(eu) + ㄱ(k) = 특(teuk)

So, if we want to write "annyeong haseyo", it'll be 안녕 하세요!

Next part, I'll tell you how to make a sentence in Korean! But, I can't tell you the fixed date when I'll post the next part! Hope this will help you to understand Korean little by little. Just ask if you still don't understand and I'll explain it for you. Or, if you want a faster reply from me about this lesson, you can mention and ask me in twitter (@SelLeeTeuk_ELF)..

감사합니다!! ^^

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